CSEDC’s Mission

The mission of the Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation is to identify, organize and mobilize public and private resources that will result in the creation and expansion of manufacturing and logistics companies along with new retail and commercial growth, thereby providing economic growth and sustainable careers in the Southland.

Highlighted below are some of our most significant contributions in the following areas:

Industrial Land Development- We have played a significant role in supporting the private redevelopment of significant properties. For example the 150 acre development in Markham is now assembled and under control by a development team and a vacant hotel has been demolished and a developer is planning a project at the northwest corner of Halsted and I-294.

Investing in Logistics Infrastructure- We have orchestrated several infrastructure investments in rail and highways to support business developments such as the Sterling and LB Steel projects. To build upon our unique logistics assets, CSEDC received an EDA grant to create a business plan to create a Center for Smart Logistics.

Workforce Partnerships- CSEDC meets regularly with over 50 businesses to connect them to our regional workforce partners. For example 30 companies recently hosted high school visits for Manufacturing Day.

Organizing Financing Incentives- CSEDC helps businesses access essential incentives to create successful projects. For example CSEDC has been selected by the State and County to be the managing director of the new BRIMPA fund and is working to bring Opportunity Zone funding to projects in the Southland.

Retail Development- CSEDC organizes a regional trip to The REcon show to promote new retail development in the Southland and is exploring a regional e-commerce strategy for local retailers.

Industrial Marketing- CSEDC plays a significant role in increasing the awareness of regional industrial developers about opportunities in the Southland by having booths at industrial trade shows.

Networking at Quarterly Forums, Investor Meetings, and with Newsletters- Through our well attended networking events, we provide opportunities to recognize our investors and have dialogue about issues affecting our region such as our recent work at trying to protect our property tax incentives.

Through our quarterly forums, integrated workforce and educational programming, and more, we are committed to aiding to a thriving Southland.