The I-57/I-294/ South Suburban Airport Mega Cluster Corridor

mega cluster.png

The I-57/I-294/SSA Corridor is becoming the next mega-development site in Illinois. With its numerous freight advantages, the Corridor is becoming the most valuable developing large-scale multimodal site left in the seven-county Northeast Illinois region.

The Corridor has an unprecedented collection of rail and highway transportation assets.  Currently in the development process, the most important physical requirement for unlocking the Corridor’s optimum economic value would be the addition of airfreight and improved east-west highway access.

With the addition of the South Suburban Airport, the Corridor would bring together the logistics assets comparable to the Alliance Development in Texas.  One of the leading developers at Alliance, Northpoint Development, has stated that the I-57/I-294/SSA Corridor with the South Suburban Airport would attract major new tenants due to the unique value of having air and rail in one location.  

Currently, there are major projects operating in the Corridor.   Logistics Properties Co., Location Finders International, Venture One, Exeter Property Group, and Scannell Properties, are identified on the attached map.  Included is the largest Amazon distribution facility in Will County, exceeding 1.25 million square feet.

Each of these companies has stated that the South Suburban Airport would provide the key to accelerated private investment in Illinois.  The 2020 State budget-approved I-57 intersection leading to South Suburban Airport site will also provide an opportunity to create a critical east-west route in conjunction with highway linkage to new logistic sites including the 1000 acres owned by CSX Rail in Crete, Illinois.

To further build upon the opportunity for world-class development, The Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation is leading a study to build a testing facility to enable companies to develop new solutions utilizing autonomous vehicles in proximity to airports and inland ports. The Center for Smart Logistics, Mi-Jack Corporation, Autonomous Stuff, and the University of Illinois are moving forward to spur technical innovation. To support the workforce requirements of the project, OAI, Inc. works with CSEDC, Southland Colleges, and High Schools contributing to the innovative Integrated Education and Workforce Programs

The diverse collaboration working to support the development of SSA as the keystone in the development of I-57/I-294/SSA Corridor includes the Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation, Chicago Southland Chamber of Commerce, Congresswoman Robin Kelly, OAI, Inc. Southland Legislative Caucus led by Anthony Deluca for SSA, and over 500 signatures of elected officials, union members, and business people, among others, supporting the project.

These partners are working closely with the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and Intersect to bring international investment to the Chicago Southland, growing and developing a dynamic world-class mega freight cluster.